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  • Biodynamic logos on labels
    Fabulous French Biodynamic Wines and some Exquisite Pairings #Winophiles
  • Biodynamics at Montinore Estate
  • The Amazing Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life
    Pairing with Bubbles - Gloria Ferrer and the amazing Sarah Tracey
  • Tablas Creek 2009 Espirit de Beaucastel Panoplie
    The 12th Day arrives...2009 Esprit de Beaucastel Panoplie & Duck
  • Larner Ballard Canyon Syrah
    On the 11th Day - A Ballard Canyon Syrah from Larner & Beef Stew
  • Ad Beckham 2016 Amphora Pinot Noir
    Day 9 of the 12 Days of Wine with Beckham Estate AD "Creta" Pinot Noir & bacon wrapped dates
  • Leah Jørgensen Cellars, Blanc de Cabernet Franc,
    On the 8th day…a Cabernet..well a Cabernet Franc…a Blanc de Franc at that.
  • Maloof Wines. Where ya Pj's at
    The 7th day Pizza & wine in your PJ's
  • Joyful Noise 2015 Pinot Noir
    On the 6th day there was Joyful Noise
  • Montinore Estate Muller Thurgan 2014
    Day 5 Müller Thurgau from Montinore Estate and crab and celery root crostini
  • Montinore Vineyards driveway trees
    Montinore Vineyards
  • Kooky Varieties
    Fossil & Fawn- the wines
  • Leah Jørgensen Cellars
  • Illahe Vineyard
    Illahe Vineyards - Stepping back to a simpler time
  • Libertine Wines, Alex Neely
    On the 3rd day we pair Riesling with a Tamales!
  • Maryhill Viognier With Thai Food
    On the Second Day a Viognier
  • Montinore 2014 Muller Thurgau
    12 Days of Wine, a holiday wine List.
  • The wines of Vignobles & Signature for our French Style Season Dinner
    Un repas de Noël pour les fêtes de fin d'année (A Christmas Dinner for the end of the year celebrations)...with wine. #Winophiles
  • Fossil & Fawn 2017 Oregon White Win
    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Gerwürvignintocloniger!
  • Montinore Estate - About the wines
  • Illahe Vineyard in the proposed Mount Pisgah/Polk County AVA
    Soupe aux choux and a Grüner Veltliner from Illahe
  • Willamette Valley Map courtesy of Willamette Valley Wine Association
    Montinore - the deeper history
  • Montinore Vineyards Entrance
    Montinore Estate - a recent history
  • Oregon Wine Country
  • Cranberries Orange Rosemary
    Giving thanks for a quiet kitchen
  • Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rosé.
    A Sparkling Rosé by any other name…just might be a Crémant - #Winophiles
  • Pierre Sparr Crémant d'Alsace
    Crémant d'Alsace perfect for a country picnic (maybe in the living room)
  • A little Sleight of Hand with dinner at Doubleback
  • Stunning views and happy wine writers at Cadaretta's Glasshouse at the Southwind Vineyard
    Dinner with a view - Cadaretta
  • Uncommon Wine Festival 2018 at Vista Hills Winery
  • Vista Hills Vineyard and the Uncommon Wine Festival 2018
  • Map of LIrac
    Lirac – Castles, Keeps, Wolves & Divas in the Southern Rhône
  • Equestrian Wine Tours Oregon
    Are you baking blueberry pie? Nope, that's my Malbec.
  • Leah Jørgensen Cellars 2017 Rosé of Cabernet Franc
  • Yakima Valley Cheese Plate
    WBC18 in Walla Walla the Sweeping Overview
  • Leaving Lake Tahoe
    #WBC18 Crushed Grape Chronicles Travel Log Day 2
  • #WBC18 Crushed Grape Chronicles Travel Log(Day 1)
  • Blanc de Cab Franc....What?
  • Southern Oregon Sauvignon Blanc from Leah Jørgensen
  • Oregon-Wine-Walla-Walla-Valley Courtesy of Oregon Wine Board
    Washington Wines and beyond with #WBC18
  • 2016 Oregon "Tour Rain" Vin Rouge
    "Tour Rain" Vin Rouge - Leah Jørgensen Cellars
  • Oregon-Wine-Map-Southern-OR-AVA Courtesy of Oregon Wine Board
    Grapes of Southern Oregon with Leah Jørgensen
  • Leah Jørgensen - Pirate Princess and Winemaker
    Leah Jørgensen - Pirate Princess and Winemaker
  • Maloof 2017 Nemarniki Vineyard Riesling
    Ross & Bee – Maloof Wines
  • Maryhill Winery Courtesy of Washington Wine Board
    Maryhill Winery
  • The city of Cahors from Mont Saint Cyrin along the river Lot in France
    Cahors - Malbec from along the winding river Lot
  • Deven & Calli with Joyful Noise
    Deven Morganstern is making a Joyful Noise
  • Wine, Art & Hedonism with Libertine Wines Alex Neely
  • Kooky Varieties
    Jim & Jenny - Fossil and Fawn at Uncommon Wine Festival
  • Uncommon Wine Festival at Vista Hills Vineyard 2018
  • a Cheerful Note, Ariel Eberle
    On A Cheerful Note with Ariel Eberle
  • Citadelle de Vauban
    the wines of Bordeaux, France
  • the wines of Champagne France
  • Occitanie Region of France map
    the wines of Languedoc Roussillion
  • France, the wine regions
  • The charming city of Eguisheim in Alsace France
    the wines of Alsace, France
  • Farmer Fizz? An exploration of Grower Champagne with the French #Winophiles
  • Esther Glenn Winemaker, Ryan Pickens
    Esther Glen Farm and Winery with Ryan Pickens
  • Willamette Valley Map courtesy of Willamette Valley Wine Association
    Willamette Valley, Oregon Wine Country
  • Willamette Valley Map courtesy of Willamette Valley Wine Association
    Oregon’s Willamette Valley AVAs - a Primer
  • Vinho Verde white wine
    Vinho Verde and Arroz de Bacalhau (Rice with cod)
  • Le Vallon des Auffes, Marseille
    Côtes de Provençe through Rosé filled glasses #Winophiles
  • The 9th Annual Uncommon Wine Festival at Vista Hills
  • Blanched broccoli, peas and green beans for the frittata
    Spring Vegetable Frittata to pair with an Alsatian Pinot Blanc
  • Vignoble d'Alsace France
    France, Alsace region
  • Vignoble d'Alsace France
    A Palette of Pinots – The Hues of Alsace
  • Orschwihr, Alsace, France
    Dipping my toe in Crémant D'Alsace
  • Le Grotti Reggiano Lambrusco
    Lambrusco and Chinese Takeout
  • Vignoble de Bordeaux
    Côtes de Bordeaux
  • Vignoble de Bordeaux
    Côtes de Bordeaux pairings through Blaye, Cadillac & Castillon with #Winophiles
  • Bella Conchi Spanish Brut Rose (Cava)
  • Glass of white Sangria
    Elements of a great Sangria Party
  • Picpoul de Pinet and Bonny Doon Vineyard Picpoul
    Want to learn about Picpoul?
  • Occitanie Region of France map
    Picpoul from Pinet and California and a seaside pairing with #Winophiles
  • Photo of Oyster beds on the Thau Lagoon
  • Salted Codfish
    Croquettes de Brandade
  • Sangria lineup
    White Sangria - the perfect wine cocktail for spring and summer
  • Grapevines and mustard growing in California's Napa Valley
    Spring in the Vineyard
  • Recco Style Garlic Bread Masso Osteria
    Chef's Tasting Menu at Masso Osteria
  • Municipal Winemkers
    10 Dog Friendly tasting rooms in Santa Barbara
  • Domaine Coudoulis 2013 Lirac
    Pairing a movie day with a wine from Lirac
  • chicken lettuce cups
    Wine pairings for Chinese takeout
  • Balletto Vineyard, Vineyard tour
    Balletto Vineyards in the Russian River Valley
  • Balletto Vineyard, Sonoma CA
  • 2011 Tablas Creek Patelin de Tablas
    Comparing Rhône blends from California's Central Coast
  • Grilled sirloin & Syrah Tablas Creek 2014, Carhartt 2013 and Larner Transverse 2014
    A Trio of Syrahs from California's Central Coast
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    the Secret to Syrah Wine pairings
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Wine and Cheese pairings, Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    What cheese to pair with Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Syrah Wine with Cheese pairings
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Syrah food pairing suggestions
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    pair Syrah with....
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Syrah pairings
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Syrah food pairing advice
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Wine Secrets, Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Wine 101: Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Learn about Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Rhone Valley, Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Rhone Grapes, Syrah
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    Syrah - a Rhone Grape