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the Scenic Route

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Wine it’s simply crushed and fermented grapes. At Crushed Grape Chronicles we explore the variations, the stories behind the vines, all of this makes it so fascinating. I love that we talk about wine breathing…it is a reminder that wine is alive and changing.

Perhaps even more important than any of this is the story of the winery, the winemaker and the people who love these wines, their philosophies and the different ways they bring their reverence to the grape.

Red Wine at Cold Heaven

Discover the stories behind the wines. How they were made, the farm, the harvest, the barrels, the philosophy behind the wine. These are the Stories behind the Wine and the people that make the wine and the people that enjoy the wine.


Explore the places behind the wine. The Vineyards, The Tasting Rooms, The Winery’s and the Regions where wine is Grown, Enjoyed and Experienced

Life is better with WIne

Making wine and growing grapes can be done in many ways. Each vineyard, each winery, each winemaker may choose a different way, or a different mix of philosophies.
Here in “The Philosophies” we will explore the many and varied methods that vineyards and wineries use, which make so many wonderful and unique wines all over the globe.

The variations in wine are beyond comprehension.

And the stories behind the wines are as lush and beautiful

as the wines themselves.

Dubrul Vineyard with Kerry Shiels

from Dirt to Glass

Our Wine Video Series will explore the stories behind the Vines. We will speak with Vineyard Owners, Winemakers, Vineyard Managers… the people behind the wine to get their stories, passions and philosophies on wine.

The Scenic Route Cowhorn Wine

As we Chronicle our Wine Country Adventures, we have compiled a growing library of Videos, documenting Wine Travel, Wine Conversations, and Wine Stories.

Join Crushed Grape Chronicles as we Explore Wine Country across the United States and the Globe.

Strawberry Avocado Salad with Presqu’ile Rosé

Criss Crossing Wine Country and tasting Wine from many different regions, we are also learning what goes well with the wine along the way. Food & Wine are an integral symbiotic arrangement especially pairing local food with Local Wine.  This in some cases is what enhances the overall experience.

Our goal at Crushed Grape Chronicles

is to explore and chronicle the grape

it’s many stories and it’s journey from dirt to glass.

Join the Adventure!

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