12 Days of Wine, a holiday wine List.

Holiday Wine List 2018

As we celebrate the Holidays in 2018.  We thought we would create a Holiday Wine list from our top picks for 2018. 12 nights of Holiday wine with food pairings. What would make a great Christmas or Holiday Wine list? What wines to drink during the Holidays? What wine and food pairings for the holidays?

So we created an Christmas advent Calendar of wine. A little way to spread the Holiday Cheer! Enjoy!

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typically the 12 days start on Christmas Day, but we are choosing to lead-up to the Christmas Day!

Holiday wine and food pairing list

We thought we would pay tribute to some of the great wines we discovered on our travels this year.

12 nights of holiday wine with food pairings.

As we introduce each wine we wanted to tell you a little about the Winery, the Winemaker and a little of their story. We asked each of them for a pairing that they love with each wine we chose.

fossil and Fawn, with potato chips and cheese
on the 1st day of christmas
Maryhill Viognier With Thai Food
on the 2nd day of christmas
Libertine Riesling with Tamales
on the 3rd day of christmas
Illahe2017 Estate Gruner Velthiner with Cabbage Soup
on the 4th day of christmas
Montinore 2014 Muller Thurgau with Crab Cakes
on the 5th day of christmas
Joyful Noise 2015 Pinot Noir with Tuna
on the 6th day of christmas
Maloof Wines. Where ya Pj's at, with Blaze Pizza
on the 7th day of christmas
Leah Jørgensen Cellars, Blanc de Cabernet Franc
on the 8th day of christmas
Beckham 2016 Creta Amphora Pinot Noir
on the 9th day of christmas
Bonney Doon 184048
on the 10th day of christmas
Larner Reserve Syrah with Beef stew and Polenta
on the 11th day of christmas
Duck Rueben from Cured and Whey with the 2009 Tablas Creek Panoplie
on the 12th day of christmas

Christmas Wine Stories

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