A day with a little less wine and a lot of hiking!

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A day with a little less wine and a lot of hiking!

The next day of our trip will find us in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  We are hikers so we will spend the day at Point Lobos, weather permitting.  I know we will hit the Cypress Grove trail.  The Monterey Cypress is only found here and on the 17 mile drive at Pebble beach.  With lots of short trails, we will hit as many as we can!  We will pack a lunch and take our backpacks and Camelbacks and get some exercise while communing with nature.  When we are tired we will head back into Carmel so stroll the village and do some additional tastings and then on this night we will wonder to find dinner, maybe by a recommendation or perhaps just someplace that catches our eye.  This will a very low key day.  I predict many pictures to share from great scenery to the charming village of Carmel-by-the-Sea to great wines!

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