Ah, where to start.  It all depends on your view point, palate and experience.  I believe Wine is meant to be experienced and enjoyed.  I started out mainly as a Merlot drinker, not really into wine.  After visiting many different wineries and tasting different wines, my palate has developed quite a ways from whence I came.  Reds for me were the wines of choice, I did not really like white.  Reds and whites was the vocabulary I started with. Now I can tell you the difference between, Zinfandel, Pinot, Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese, etc.  Whites are more than Chardonnay, (still trying to appreciate this one) but have really grown to love Reisling after a visit to Trisaetum in Oregon.  Viognier,  Pinot Gris are a couple of others I am starting to enjoy.  So after the rambling, Wine Tasting….  I have loved the exploration and tasting of new and different wines, because Merlot is not Merlot, Pinot Noir is definitely a wine with a multitude of tastes and body.   Taste and enjoy, explore the options ( of which there are many).  You also can find excellent wines from $5 to $50 that are exceptional. So again, in order to keep all of this wonderful knowledge and appreciation for wine, it seemed we needed to keep track of this experience, also as wine and the drinking of wine has always been a social experience, it seems only right that we share this with others who appreciate wine like we do.

We are not wine Critics, (enough of those)  we like to discover new wine and the stories and passion behind those wines.

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Come Join us!  Post your thoughts on new wines you have come across.

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  • Avant, Wine & Tapas
  • Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail
  • Clos Pepe, Early Morning Harvest
  • Hilliard Bruce, Viticulturally blessed
  • Sweet Potato Gnocci & Reisling
  • Strawberry Avocado Citrus Salad
    Presqu’ile Rosé of Pinot Noir, Strawberry, Citrus and Avocado Salad
  • Wes explains Tasting
    Clos Pepe Barrel Tasting, an Event not to be missed.
  • Panorama Carhartt Grand Tasting
    Santa Barbara, Vintners Spring Weekend 2104 The Grand Tasting
  • Sta. Rita Hills AVA Dinner
    Sta. Rita Hills AVA Dinner, Santa Barbara County
  • Beckmen Hike at Purismo Mountain
    Beckmen Vineyard Hike
  • Key to Wine Country, Santa Barbara
    Key to Wine Country, Santa Barbara a highlight Reel
  • Larner Vineyard Wines
    1st Annual Larner Winemaker Dinner
  • Riverbench Winery, a Video Tour
  • From dirt to glass, Conversations with...
    Michael Larner talks about Syrah and Ballard Canyon
  • Beckmen Vineyard, Vineyard Wine Walk
  • Syrah, Michael Larner, Ballard Canyon AVA, from Dirt To Glass
  • Steve Beckmen, Vine Thining 101
  • Presqu'ile WInery Hilltop, Santa Maria Valley
    Presqu'ile Vineyard, Key to Wine Country Event
  • Larner Vineyard Sunset
    Michael Larner- Heat Spikes in Ballard Canyon
  • Presqu'ile WInery Hilltop, Santa Maria Valley
    Presqu'ile Winery, Let Talk Sauvignon Blanc
  • Presqu'ile WInery Hilltop, Santa Maria Valley
    Presqu'ile Winery, Chardonnay
  • Tasting Room at Presquile
    Presqu'ile Vineyard, Pinot Noir
  • Michael Larner at Larner Vineyard
    The History of Larner Vineyard & Winery
  • Listening to the Vine
  • Buttonwood Farm, a video Tour
  • Presqu'ile Vineyard. Pinot Noir Part 2
  • Larner Vineyard Syrah
    The Vision - The future of Larner Vineyard and Winery
  • Larner Vineyard, Malvasia Bianca 2014
  • tercero wines with Larry Schaffer
  • Larner Vineyard
    Syrah Panel Santa Barbara Vintners April 2016 Episode 2 – Michael Larner
  • Larner Vineyard Special Vintage, Dedication
  • Bob Lindquist, Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard
  • Larry Schaffer - tercero on White Hawk Vineyard
  • Scott Sampler on his White Hawk Syrah
  • Central Coast Group Project
  • Winemaker, Mark Horvath speaks about his Sta. Rita Hills Syrah
  • Larner fete, how it came to be
    Larner Fete 2016
  • Larner fete, how it came to be
    Larner fete, how it came to be
  • Kaena Wines, How the Grenache King got his Block
    Kaena Wines, How the Grenache King got his Block
  • 6 days…where to go in wine country? Well if you have a Prius and can get to California fairly easily, you don’t have to choose. Join us on our journey through California’s Central Coast Wine Country and a little beyond.
    Central Coast Wine Country and Beyond - Day 1