Brie of Dreams at Maurice Car’rie

Maurice Car'rie Vineyard

Brie of Dreams at Maurice Car’rie

The sprawling Victorian style farmhouse is eye catching as you drive down Rancho California Road.  They also lay claim to the oldest structure in Temecula with their barn and windmill.  The vineyards here were the first established in Temecula back in 1968 by Vincenzo Cilurzo. Maurice and Bud Van Roekel  founded this winery in 1986. This is the sister property to the Van Roekel Winery, the winemaker here is Gus Vizgirda.  He creates wines that are meant for drinking not for storing for years in a dusty cellar.

Maurice Carrie in Oil

Maurice Carrie in Oil

This winery is most famous for it’s baked brie and sourdough bread which is only available on weekends in Maurice’s Kitchen, but…you can pick up an unbaked loaf to take with you and back yourself any day of the week.

On the weekends the front lawn fills with tents for the Maurice Car’rie Arts and Crafts Fair.  Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm you will find local craft vendors with jewelry, paintings, ceramics etc.  You can wander the craft fair finding treasures and then pick up some of that amazing Brie to enjoy with a bottle of wine on the picnic grounds.

They are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and offer tastings for $10 for 5 wines or you can get a dual pass for $18 to allow you to taste 5 here and 5 at Van Roekel.  They also have a Champagne tasting that allows you to taste 4 here at Maurice Car’rie and 4 at Van Roekel up the hill.

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