Crushed Grape Chronicles, where have you been?

Blue Lizard Farm, Project Hoop House

Crushed Grape Chronicles, where have you been?

Crushed Grape Chronicles, where have you been?

Blue Lizard Indiegogo

It’s true, it’s been a little quiet on Crushed Grape Chronicles as of late, but there’s a good reason. You see we have another blog called 4Farm2Mrkt. 4Farm2Mrkt is a blog that talks about the Farmers Markets in Las Vegas and the people you meet there.

Good wine, good food, good people…these things go hand in hand.

Recently we started working with a micro farm in Caliente Nevada on an Indiegogo campaign to save their farm. We met Rodney and Christine Mehring of Blue Lizard Farm at the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market. Caliente is in Lincoln County about 2 ½ North of Las Vegas on the Great Basin Hwy. They grow a variety of produce in their 13 hoop houses that they bring to the farmers markets and Chefs in Las Vegas. They deliver weekly to restaurants that include: B & B Ristorante, Sensi, Carnevino and PublicUs. These are restaurants with Chefs and owners who believe in supporting small farms and farmers and know that they are getting a higher quality product to serve to their guests by buying local.


Blue Lizard Farm, Rodney & Christine

Blue Lizard Farm, Rodney & Christine


A few words from Rodney…

“My farm is failing not because plants don’t grow or I can’t sell my goods. I sell out every week and I have run out of hoop house space to grow. It’s failing because of transportation costs. I need more hoop houses and produce to make the trip to market more cost effective. We spend $2000.00 each month on transportation and are behind on all our bills. We are tapped out we have put every dollar we have into this farm. We have a clear goal to expand. We can’t do this without your help. I know we are asking for a lot from the public, but if you look at what the farm gives back its really worth it. We try to live as green as we can. We are a net help to the environment by sequestering carbon by growing good food and composting. Food that is free of harmful pesticides.

I read all the time, not as much as I would like to, the farm comes second after family, so those two keep us busy. I read just the other day that your food travels 3000 miles on average before you get to eat it. That’s a long ways. What happens in that time period to the food? My food only has to travel 150 miles.

I need your support so we can continue to do this work of feeding the world good food and responsible food. Las Vegas is a world vacation point, so we really do help feed the world with our little farm.

Please donate to our Indiegogo campaign and I promise I will do my part to bring great food to the world.”

Blue Lizard Farm’s Project Hoop House on Indiegogo

So…we ask you to support this local food movement. Join our campaign. Every donation makes a difference, a big difference to saving this farm. Follow our Facebook page at @ProjectHoopHouse or on Twitter at @ProjectHoopHous and see the daily life of this hard working family on their farm. Then share it with your friends!

It takes a community, thank you for being a part of ours!

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