from Dirt to Glass

Wine it’s simply crushed and fermented grapes. The variations and the stories are what make it so fascinating. I love that we talk about wine breathing…it is a reminder that wine is alive and changing. Perhaps even more important than any of this is the story of the winery, the winemaker and the people who love these wines, their philosophies and the different ways they bring their reverence to the grape. The variations in wine are beyond comprehension. And the stories behind the wines are as lush and beautiful as the wines themselves. Our goal at Crushed Grape Chronicles is to explore and chronicle the grape and it’s many stories and it’s journey from dirt to glass. Join the Adventure!

From dirt to glass, learn all about the steps grapes take from getting from the vine to your glass. The history of the grapes, the growing seasons, harvest, fermentation, barreling, bottling, the long journey to your glass. We talk to the Wine makers about their stories and the journey from dirt to glass.

Grapes in Veraison close-up

the Grapes

the history of each varietal, we lead you through the history and story of each grape.

Opus 1, Napa Valley, CA grapes

the Vines

the stories of the vines, where they grow, climate, types of grapes, and how they are grown.

Napa Vineyard

the Seasons

the seasonal changes and the stories, trials and tribulations of the journey of the grape on its way to harvest.

Picking Pinot Noir at Clos Pepe

the Harvest

when to harvest, the science, the philosophy, the process

Michael Larner

the wine makers

the farmer, the scientist, the dreamer, the passion

Corner 103 wine glasses

wine education

the exploration of the many facets of wine

from grapes to wine

Learn about the grapes and varietals that create the wines you love. We help you explore the journey these grapes take from getting from the vine to your glass, the history of the grapes, the growing seasons, harvest, fermentation, barrels, bottling to your glass. We even talk to the wine makers about their stories and the journey from dirt to glass.

We break this down into three categories.

(more varietals will be added as we continue to explore all of the variations)

White Wines

light bodied Whites

the wines


Gruner Veltliner


Pinot Gris


Sauvignon blanc



full bodied Whites

the wines


Marsanne Blend






aromatic Whites

the wines

Chenin Blanc


Muscat Blanc




Red Wines

light bodied Red

the wines


Pinot Noir





medium bodied Red

the wines

Barbera           Montepulciano

Cabernet Franc    Negromaro

Carignan    Rhone/GSM Blend

Carmenere              Sangiovese

Grenache     Valpolicella Blend

Mencia                          Zinfandel


full bodied Red

the wines

Aglianico                    Petit Verdot

Bordeaux Blend           Petit Sirah

Cabernet Sauvignon      Pinotage

Malbec                                     Syrah

Mouvedre                     Tempranillo

Nebbiolo               Touriga Nacional

Nero D’avola

Specialty Wines

Sparkling Wine

the wines









the wines







desert wines

the wines

Madeira Fortified Wine

Marsala Late Harvest Wine

Port Dried Grape Wine

Sauternais Ice Wine

Sherry Noble rot wine

Vin Santo


the stories behind the vines

Chardonnay: Nuances in expressing site – an example from the Yakima Valley

Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular grapes.  A noble grape, its parents are Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc. We first see mention of it in the 16th century in Burgundy. You can find it grown all over the globe.  From its home in Burgundy to Australia’s Hunter Valley.  You find it in Italy, […]

Prosecco: Bubbles from Northern Italy’s lush green hills

Prosecco.  Those easy-going bubbles from Italy.  There is a history here that goes back 2000 years.  The wines of these steep lush green hills have evolved into the bubbling beverage that is easy to drink and has an unexpected depth of history. Join us as we dive in deep, to Prosecco and further into the […]

Flowers for Julien – Beaujolais in May #Winophiles

When I was studying to become a Certified Specialist of Wine, I used certain tricks to be able to remember different regions or appellations.  When I tried to remember the Beaujolais Crus I used: St. Amour loved Julien, he gave her Chenas, and windmills and flowers and took her to Chernoble with Morgan and Reggie […]

Le Cigare Blanc 2015 – a pairing, a look back and a look forward

This wasn’t meant to be a post. It was supposed to be a quick dinner and a bottle of wine. We didn’t even really plan the pairing, we just knew it would be a white wine. I’ve been thinking about Bonny Doon and Randall Grahm quite a bit lately. I had just seen his tweet […]

Priorat: Medieval Monks, Modern Rebirth and Outstanding Wine from Spain

Today we travel to Spain to the Priorat DOQ. This is a place with an ancient history that has only recently re-emerged as a formidable growing and wine making region. Catalonia (Catalunya or Cataluña) To begin, let’s get our bearings on the globe.  We are in Spain in the province of Catalonia. This the Northwest […]

A Stunning Sunset View at First Ridge Vineyard

It was sunset of our only full day in Mudgee New South Wales.  We headed out to meet Col Millot, the Viticulturist at First Ridge Vineyard on the south east side of the Mudgee Valley.  While viewing the sunset from their cellar door, we discussed Mudgee, the First Ridge Vineyard site, their wines and soils, […]

Lambrusco: A Virtual Visit and an Odd Pairing

Lambrusco & Butter Chicken Today’s Sun Basket dinner was an easy, “heat and eat” Butter Chicken and Jasmine Rice supper. I went to research pairings for Butter Chicken, and came across this great post by Madeline Puckett. On Madeline’s site, Wine Folly, there was a piece called “Pairing Wine with Indian Cuisine”. Madeline suggested pairing […]

Nostalgia in a Wine and Food Pairing with Chardonnay

Not all things go as planned. We made chicken adobo, a dish from the Philipines, the day before and had planned to pair it with a Chardonnay. Chicken adobo is best enjoyed on the 2nd day, when the flavors have melded together. It’s a pretty simple dish with chicken thighs, onions, garlic and the adobo […]

Lowe Wine – Drought, Biodynamics and Soil

The drought in Australia fueled the fires we saw the beginning of this year.   We talked with David Lowe at Lowe Wine about the drought and about bio-dynamics, a subject you know we are very interested in. The drought in Australia David says that the drought has been very damaging for people who were not […]

Spring, Pappardelle and an Illahe Viognier

The sun was out on this morning. We spent a bit of time in the backyard, planning our upcoming #travelinabottle trips, and letting Loki enjoy the great outdoors for a bit. I may have even taken on a bit of a pink tinge. It was the perfect day to have the windows open and feel […]