Guilty pleasures…

Espiral Vinho Rose

Guilty pleasures…

Michael was working and it was my night off.  Now I love a good bottle of wine, but I would feel really guilty about opening a nice bottle without Michael, so… while shopping at Trader Joe’s I picked up a bottle of Espiral Vinho Rose.  This wine is $4.99. I also picked up some middle eastern flatbread and some tomato basil hummus.  I opened the bottle and got curled up on the coach for some mindless TV and some reading on the iPad.  I did some blog reading (about how those of us reading wine blogs appear to all be wine bloggers and a great WS post from Matt Kramer on the variety of types of wine lovers).

This wine is simple and festive, a wine to be easily enjoyed and poured liberally.   I actually think this wine is better in a tumbler than a wine glass. This is perfect for hot days, the minerality is refreshing and the effervescence cooling.  So go ahead, pour it in a big heavy tumbler and toss some ice in if it’s really hot!  This wine is carefree without being silly, pleasant and unpretentious.  I’ve read reviews of people who love it and people who hate it.  Some call it sweet…I get much more minerality and not much sweetness.  You may love it, you may hate it…that’s wine for you.  It was perfect for my evening.   Come to think of it…I don’t feel guilty after all!

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