Lorimar, A Christmas Gallery

Lorimar, A Christmas Gallery

There are only so many hours in the day and there is only so much wine one can drink.  Well at least when you are driving.  So our visit to Lorimar’s new winery and tasting room did not include a tasting.  This Temecula California property is beautiful and is conveniently located on Anza road off of Rancho California road across from the South Coast Resort, it was all dressed up for the  Christmas Holiday.  They have a tasting room in Old Town also but just opened the winery facility this year.  These folks are big into music.  The Old Town Tasting room often features music in the evening and stays open later than your typical tasting room.  It is no different in wine country where they have music every weekend.  They label themselves as “A Fusion of Wine, Art and Music”.  Both tasting rooms have art galleries and the winery has additional events all the time.  We got here around dusk and the place was packed.  After strolling a bit it got dark and the winery is all lit up for the holidays.  We stopped back early the next morning and were told that we had just missed all the hot air balloons over head.  So, while I cannot yet rave about wines we tasted, we will share with you some great photos of this stunning winery and we will look forward to getting back, tasting, viewing the galleries and enjoying some music here with Lorimar.

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