“Old World Europe, California Style” – Europa Village


“Old World Europe, California Style” – Europa Village

It is very exciting to see a new winery sprout up and grow.

This vineyard wasn’t on the map when we made our first trip to Temecula.  Europa Village is the vision of “two passionate entrepreneurs and a guild of friends”.  When we visited in 2011 they had a barrel room for events a garden and a tasting room.  They have 3 labels C’est La Vie which produces French style wines, Bolero with Spanish style wines and Vienzawith Italian style wines.  The tasting room is in the style of a french bistro and they have terrific glasses for tasting. These were stemless glasses with an indent to hold them.  They allow you to warm the wine in your hand as you swirl it releasing more of the aromas.

On our last visit the new Inn at Europa Village had opened up on the hill with a stunning view.  Warm and inviting with a desire to share what is great about the different styles of European wines, this is a great place to expand your wine knowledge.  They have tons of special events you can attend!  With Sommelier Workshops, musical wine dinners & Culinary Workshops there is at least an event a week, and they are not exclusively on weekends!

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