Red Soles Winery, Paso Robles

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Red Soles Winery, Paso Robles

After Tablas Creek  we hit Lone Madrone, Kenneth Volk more on them later, then went to….Red Soles.  We like to get referrals from enthusiastic Wine Geeks like ourselves, the guy at Wildhorse said we should try Red Soles.  He was definitely right on.  Tiffany the tasting room manager greeted us with a smile.  She obviously loves her job.  She had worked at other tasting rooms and loves working here and loves the people she works for.  The owners are growers who have been growing grapes here in Paso for years.  She said they grow around 2000 ton’s of grapes and keep around 30 ton’s for themselves. A while ago the “wife” convinced the “husband” to make some of their own wine.  They stomped their own grapes and ended up with Red Soles.  While we were there the owner Randy came in and chatted with us.  A wine club member came in for a tasting and we found that he was on the team that did not win on the Members Blend.  Their wine club has a bi -yearly competition to mix and blend their own blend of wine, the winner gets their wine made into the club members blend.  All of the wines were very good with a great sense of humor.  The people there were all very down to earth and after talking to Randy, you could see why Tiffany loved working there and the enthusiasm showed and the wines lived up to the enthusiasm.  You could tell they liked making great wine, and that is what they served.  These are the types of companies and wine makers we want to buy from. Passionate about what they do, and down to earth, who try not get to big to lose track of the journey, and have fun along the way.  We will review the Wines in later Post.

They have brandy added to some of their Late Harvest Lineups and are working to create their own brandy to add to the their mix.  We bought some of their Monkey shine and Club members Blend wine, and look forward to buying many more of their wines in the future.


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