Small Winery’s off the Beatin Path

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Small Winery’s off the Beatin Path

When we find Enthusiastic Wine Geeks like ourselves at different wine tasting we like to get their opinion’s  on their wine choices as sometimes this leads us to unique gems.

3:30 pm Fratelli Perato

Wild Horse recommended this place for Italian Varietals.  The woman saw us coming and greeted us at the door.  The tasting room was tiny, but this is part of their home. She was a bit like your eccentric aunt,  (every one should be so lucky)she was incredibly nice and loves her wines and it shows in the quality of the wines we tasted.  She and her husband founded the vineyard and planted all the vines.  They have 3 girls and one has gone to UC Davis and now helps at the winery.  Her husband came from an Italian family who had a winery and then went to UC Davis himself.  The wines are rich and bold and tasty all around.  Great interesting conversation.  All of their wines are dry farmed.  Their wines range from $ 30 to $42 and all were nice and complex.   We tasted several wines the standouts were 2009 Charbono   $42, 2007 Tre Sorelle $38, 2009 Zinfandel $30.  All of the wines had great character and taste.

The view from the gazebo at the Fratelli Perata Vineyard on West side Paso Robles California

And they have a great view of the West side of the Valley from their Gazebo above the vineyard.

Next Terry Hoage Vineyards

Add your Hidden Gem’s to the conversation.

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