A Cheerful Note with Ariel Eberle, the history

A Cheerful Note

A Cheerful Note with Ariel Eberle, the history

Ariel Eberle is a native Oregonian, and the founder, winemaker for A Cheerful Note. She spends her days as the winemaker for Yamhill Valley Vineyards, but she came the long way around to winemaking.
Her background is in biology and chemistry from Oregon State, where she was Pre-med, and working at a hospital and a clinic. It wasn’t clicking. Looking for adventure she ended up in Korea teaching English. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and so it was for her. She found herself missing and appreciating Oregon. She had always been drawn to vineyards where the wild bits of nature are set into an organized fashion. The aesthetics appealed to her. She applied at Yamhill Valley Vineyards and did a harvest with them.
Watch the Video to see what happened next.
See more at https://www.crushedgrapechronicles.com

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