Washington Wines and beyond with #WBC18

Drew Bledsoe's Doubleback winery summer solstice party at McQueen Vineyard overlooking Walla Walla, Washington Courtesy of Washingtonwine.org

Washington Wines and beyond with #WBC18

feature photo: Drew Bledsoe’s Doubleback winery summer solstice party at McQueen Vineyard overlooking Walla Walla, Washington Courtesy of Washingtonwine.org


Michael and I will be heading north again in October.  This time visiting Washington for WBC18.  The Wine Bloggers Conference is a great opportunity for us to meet winemakers, taste wines and hear plenty of stories (which is what we like best).  We will also have an opportunity for some IRL (In real life) meetings with many of the wine writers that we otherwise only speak to over social media.  The opportunity to clink glasses with people from across the globe who are fascinated with wine like we are makes for a great trip.

Oregon-Wine-Walla-Walla-Valley Courtesy of Oregon Wine Board

Courtesy of Oregon Wine Board

The Wineries and Stories of Washington

The conference itself will be held in Walla Walla Washington, but we will be taking both pre and post conference excursions. This will give us insights into the Yakima and Columbia Gorge wine regions.

Washington AVA Photo Courtesy of washingtonwine.org

Washington AVAs
Photo Courtesy of washingtonwine.org

The highlight of the trip will be getting to know the Washington wines.  You will get to hear about our trip to Owen Roe Winery and Elephant Mtn. Vineyard in the Yakima area, our dinner in the glass house at Cadaretta Winery, and our post conference trip to Maryhill and Cathedral Ridge wineries in the Columbia Gorge.

Maryhill Vineyard Photo Courtesy of washingtonwine.org

Maryhill Vineyard Photo Courtesy of washingtonwine.org

More than Washington Wines

And it won’t just be Washington wines.  In between those trips Michael and I have some seminars on wines of Uruguay, and German Riesling and presentations on Walla Walla Wines and Cascade Valley Wines. There are discovery sessions with Rias Baixas and Consorzio Lugana.  We will also do live blogging sessions with speed tastings of red wines and white and rosés. 

Along with all of the wine education there will also be seminars on social media strategies and other writing/blogging stuff.

Sponsors from around the globe will be at the conference, tasting and educating, including organizations from Rioja, and Uruguay, as well as import companies like Loosen Bros and Apps like Delectable.

There will also be wineries from around the globe including Gloria Ferrer with their sparkling wines, Mt. Beautiful from New Zealand.  Beyond wine, Cheeses of Europe will be there to pair amazing cheeses with the wines.

Gloria Ferrer

Gloria Ferrer Vineyards

So…while we are still chest deep in content from our wonderful trip to Oregon, (which we will continue pushing out fabulous posts from our interviews with wineries there), you will see tons of new bits on Washington and the conference.

CGC and the Environment

Around the conference we will be capturing our trip, as we do an unplanned, where ever the wind blows us return trip by car in our beautiful EV plug-in hybrid Nuit.  That’s her name “Nuit” because she is midnight blue.  She’s  a KIA Niro Plug-in hybrid and if you want to get me talking, ask me about her.  My carbon footprint has shrunk dramatically as has the money I spend on gas. 

If you ask me if you should invest in one, I will overwhelmingly tell you yes!  The trip will (hopefully) be filled with great shots of amazing countryside, bragging on our great gas mileage and our adventures in finding charging stations, possible Yurt stays and any wineries along what-ever route we choose.

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And, while we are on the environmental bandwagon here, we will also be listening for stories to share with you on how climate change is impacting wineries.  We see in both Oregon and Washington, changes in where vineyards are being planted and varieties that go into those vineyards.

We are pretty excited about the trip.  My favorite part is micro planning part of it, with the details for the conference and trips layed out on spread sheets and tons of research completed and mapped out to share with you.

Having the other part be pretty free spirited, with just discovering as we go lends a real air of adventure to the trip!

So get ready to see an explosion of content on our social media sites at the beginning of October!  Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we head off on our latest adventure.  We will be chronicling it as always and will have plenty of stories to share!

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Robin Renken
[email protected]
  • Alyse
    Posted at 04:44h, 07 October Reply

    It was a great conference, so happy to see old friends and meet new ones.

    • Robin Renken
      Posted at 04:31h, 10 October

      It was wonderful to meet you face to face!

  • Allison Wallace
    Posted at 14:02h, 07 October Reply

    We were so very disappointed we couldn’t be there. Washington wines are among our very favourite and you were top of the list of people we wanted to meet in person. Very interested to hear what you thought of your winery visits and hope to do that over a glass in another wine country soon.

    • Robin Renken
      Posted at 04:25h, 10 October

      We so missed you! We will search and find an IRL moment! I really want to be able to chat with you over a glass (or a bottle).

  • Brooke (@difkindoftravel)
    Posted at 20:37h, 07 October Reply

    I am sooooo sad I couldn’t come to this this year, I have really wanted to dig into Walla Walla. I spent a few months in Willamette a couple of years ago and even just the Willamette has so much I felt I needed more time. I got some short trips in to Rogue Valley and Hood River but Walla Walla was just too far. May try to spend a full week there this Spring. would love your recommendations on favorite producers…! 🙂

    • Robin Renken
      Posted at 04:24h, 10 October

      As soon as we get back we will start posting about all the amazing winemakers and wineries! I really enjoyed Sleight of Hand and Doubleback when we attended the Mystery Dinner ther! But there are so many more to share with you. It’s such a wonderful area!

  • Luxe Adventure Trvlr (@jdomb)
    Posted at 21:22h, 07 October Reply

    I got just a teeny, tiny into to Washington wines when I visited the San Juan Islands last year. We, of course, also had some wines from “mainland” Washington and I was impressed with everything we tasted. I’d definitely love to go back on a wine trip and I look forward to hearing all about yours!

    • Robin Renken
      Posted at 04:29h, 10 October

      There are some truly some spectacular wines coming out of Washington, most especially Yakima Valley and Walla Walla! There will be plenty to tell, just on the few we tasted! I can’t wait to share my favorites!

  • Greig Santos-Buch
    Posted at 14:26h, 09 October Reply

    Enjoy WBC18! Wish I could make it out there but so happy to hear that they’ll be show casing other unique regions like Uruguay! The tannat should be nice =P. Walla Walla is an amazing place for a conference!

    • Robin Renken
      Posted at 04:31h, 10 October

      Amanda Barnes did a fabulous presentation on the wines of Uruguay and those wines were really wonderful! It is a region I will be looking for more wines from!

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