Wine and the Pacific Coast Highway part 1

Cass Winery

Wine and the Pacific Coast Highway part 1

I’m a planner.  No really!  Michael and I are planning a trip on the Pacific Coast Highway and of course I am finding as much wine country as possible to cover on the trip.  I started with my typical excel spreadsheet to layout the days, the gas, the cost, hotels, restaurants, wineries and state parks.  Yes we will toss in a little hiking so we don’t get too fat and sassy.  It’s a 9 day trip we are planning and as I gathered information it started to get a little unwieldy.  I had links to sites and history for each location…etc, etc.  As I started thinking of accessing this information on the iPad on the trip I opted to change formats and create my own guidebook with itinerary.  Sometimes I think I enjoy the research and planning almost as much as the vacation.

Well my guidebook is closing in on complete, but I thought I would share with you a little of what our trip will entail.  We will leave early to drive to Paso Robles, beginning with some inland wine tasting before heading to the coast.  We have been to Paso once before and loved it.  There are a few places I want to revisit and then some new spots to try.  I will admit, that you will have to wait for trip details later to see if we really make it to all these spots.  As much as I am a planner, I often enjoy tossing the plan to the wind and seeing where the wind takes us!  But for now, after the 6-7 hour drive to Paso we will head directly to Cass for lunch and a tasting.  Cass is on the South East side of Paso and we have never been to that area before.  They have a cafe where a tasting flight or a glass of wine are included with lunch.  Hungry as we will be after the drive, food with the tasting will be important.  They specialize in Rhone varietals here.

Cass Winery Sign View

After the tasting there we will head to Wildhorse, also on the East side.  I have been wanted to stop here ever since we missed getting here on our last trip.  Wildhorse was founded by Kenneth Volk.  I find him an incredibly innovative winemaker and love the wines under his Kenneth Volk label.  During our trip they will be accepting donations for tastings to benefit the SLO food bank.

As it will then be late in the day, the plan is to check into the Adelaide Inn.  I have seen nothing but great reviews for this hotel.  It’s not luxury, but comfort and with coffee and tea service in the room and a microwave, breakfast is easy!

With body aches from the drive we will head to River Oaks Hot Springs Spa for soak.  $16 per hour for the private spas outside or $12 inside and add $8 for each additional person.  These naturally heated mineral springs are one of the added attractions to Paso Robles.

After a relaxing soak, it will be a simple dinner, perhaps at Margie’s Diner near the hotel.  Then some sleep to be ready for our first full day of wine tasting on Paso’s West side….more on that tomorrow!

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