Wine and the Pacific Coast Highway part 3


Wine and the Pacific Coast Highway part 3

Day 3 of our California trip will be spent on the East side of Paso Robles.

The day will start at J. Lohr.  Much like Castoro, you can readily find J. Lohr wines in any local city and in many grocery stores.  I have a nice bottle of their Cabernet that was given to me by a friend in my cellar.  It’s a Cab, so I am afraid to drink it!  Yeah I have cabaphobia, fear of drinking a cab too young.  I hate abusive tannins.  This winery will start our day on the East side of Paso.  J. Lohr is located on Airport Road North of 46 East.

Our second stop of the day is at Le Vigne.  Just south of J. Lohr off of Bueno Vista Drive, this winery has a beautiful tasting room with cheese or chocolate pairings available.  They also have foods available for picnics and…Pullman train cars to enjoy your picnic in!  I expect to enjoy at least the cheese pairings here and then I won’t be able to pass up a picnic in the pullman cars!

Next our tastings will take us back to 46 East to Branch Road South to Bianchi.  Situated on waterfall fed lake this is a great place to relax and enjoy their Italian varietals!  Michael really loves the Italian varietals and in addition to Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and Zin they also produce Sangiovese, Barbera and Refosco!

Back to 46 to Meridian.  Another winery that has widely available wines.  They are only open on Weekends, so today was the only day we could catch then.  They do cheese & chocolate pairings here, which I expect we will take part in at least one of those.  They also do catered picnic lunches if you call ahead.

One last winery for the day….Vina Robles.  Known for “European Inspiration- Californian Character”.   They have cheese pairings here also.  In addition they have a Gallery here.  While we are there the exhibit will be presented by the Central Coast chapter of the Silk Painters International.

So after a little wine, cheese and art.  We will head back to the Adelaide Inn for a nap.  Tonight’s dinner will be pizza from locally owned Pizza Planet that we can enjoy in the room and then pack some for tomorrow’s lunch!

Yes, tomorrow’s itinerary takes us out of Paso Robles and up to Monterrey!

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