Wine Blogging

Wine Blogging

I’m not a wine expert. I enjoy wine. Even more I like the experience of wine, the background of the winery, the decor they choose for their tasting room, the way they choose to welcome you. I like learning about the varietals they choose and use, the soil, the sunlight. There are so many factors that go into a great wine. The grapes, the weather, the soil, the light, the choices… In addition, the spirit of the wine, comes from the grower and the winemaker. Above all these things there is also the experience, the tone of the tasting room when you walk in. Does it really make the wine taste better? Yes…I emphatically say! I can pick up a bottle of wine anywhere. And there are many places I can pick up a “really good” bottle of wine. But I want more, I want to see where it came from, hear the story behind it, feel the passion of the winemaker, through the passion for the wine that they instill in those who pour this wine in the tasting room. I want to look out onto the vines, and feel the truth of “terroir”. So, your taste may not be the same as mine. I enjoy “big, fruit forward wines”, and I work toward refining my palate and growing my appreciation and understanding of different varietals and blends. And I look forward to exploring new places and new regions. It’s a great adventure, and we would love for you to join us. Share thoughts and experience.

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