Beautiful Vineyard Landscape with road Depicted in Oil

Vineyard Landscape with road depicted in Oil

Wine Country, Wine Makers, tasting and exploration…

Wine Country, what great beauty lies in overlooking a vineyard in Autumn, from California to Washington State, New York, Arizona, Virginia, and beyond.  Grapes grown in various different climates and “terroir” (  from terre, “land” is the special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the plant’s genetics ), bio-dynamically, or not.  Harvested and crushed, fermented via various methods with use of natural local yeast or added yeast to create the perfect balance of sugars and alcohol.  The Science and Agricultural knowledge that has been gained overtime seems to have perfected the making of good, and or great, wine.  Experimenting with growing different grapes in different regions add to the complexity and variations of wine, blending to create the perfect blend or allowing the “Terroir” to dictate how the wine turns out are equally effective.  There are so many regions, so many variations in climate and in wine making style.  Exploring the many facets of wine and wine making could last several life times, there are so many wines to taste and enjoy and experience.

Our adventure in wine is merely just beginning,  there is so much information to soak up, so many nuances, so many regions to explore.  The journey, into the exploration and experience of wine is the best part (except for drinking).  As our name suggests, Crushed Grape Chronicles will be “chronicling” our adventures and explorations.  Follow along with us as we explore and taste wines from near and far, from Spain to Argentina, from Germany, France to Australia and New Zealand.  We will visit wineries and talk to wine makers to be immersed with the wealth of knowledge and passion that each wine maker and winery brings to bear in their creation of their own unique wine and style.

Off we Go!

Start Exploring

  • Rolling vineyards showing the altitude in Rasteau Photo Courtesy of Inter-Rhône
    Fall, Thanksgiving and the flavors of Rasteau #Winophiles
  • First Creek Winemaker's Reserve 2017 Shiraz Hunter Valley Red Wine Social
    Speed dating for wine - Red Wine Social at the Wine Media Conference
  • Map of our travels in New South Wales
    Exploring New South Wales - Shoalhaven Coast & Southern Highlands #ouraussiewineadventure
  • Biodynamic
    Digging into Biodynamics and a tasting
  • Quady North Rose blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre is bright and fresh.
    Cans and kegs - packaging sustainability with Quady North
  • Wine Yakima Valley
  • Vineyard View at Johan in the Van Duzer Corridor
    The Scenic Route Part 8 - Johan and Quady North
  • Cote Bonneville, Tasting Room Sunnyside Washington
    The Scenic Route Part 7 - Du Brul to Hiyu
  • Corsican village of Bonifacio on the cliff side
    Corsica – An Island and it’s wines #Winophiles
  • Entrance to Valdemar Estates Winery and Tasting Room
    The Scenic Route Part 6 - Visiting Rioja in Washington and dinner at a gas station in Walla Walla
  • Vines on the top of Snipes Mountain at Roskamp Vineyard in Washington's Yakima Valley
    The Scenic Route Flash Tour 2019 Part 5 - One day 3 Washington AVAs
  • Wilridge Vineyard in Naches Heights AVA at Sunrise
    The Scenic Route - Flash Tour 2019 Part 4 - Naches Heights and Yakima Valley
  • Stems
  • Vermentino and Smoked Trout Pairing
  • Newburg OR to Bridal Veil, to Syncline Winery
    The Scenic Route - Flash Tour 2019 Part 3 - Columbia Gorge to the Yakima Valley
  • Map of the South West of France
    French Poets, Philandering Kings and little sweetness from Jurançon #Winophiles
  • Cowhorn Entrance Gate in the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon
    The Scenic Route - Flash Tour 2019 Part 2 - Southern Oregon Applegate and Umpqua Valleys
  • The Scenic Route - Flash Tour 2019 - Part 1 Vegas to Southern Oregon
  • Los Hernández Authentic Tamales Union Gap Washington James Beard Award Winner
    Los Hernández - Great authentic food in the Yakima Valley
  • Beckham Riesling block
    Amphorae, riesling, Jura varieties and more with Beckham Estate Vineyard
  • magenta chair art
    Beckham Estate Vineyard - The story
  • Carhartt 2018 Savignon Blanc bottle shot with apple, lemon zest and honeydew melon
    Tasting blind - globetrotting at home
  • Map of Italy
    A tale of two Malvasia Biancas
  • Le Cocagne Rosé of Pineau d'Aunis from Coteaux du Vendômois 2018
    A Loire rosé, a Bordeaux from Pommerol and…..cheese #winophiles
  • Sparkling Vermentino - "tears of laughter and joy"
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Faults in wine
  • So wine is made of 5 major components that go through some chemical changes, fermenting and such and create the tasty libation that we have all grown to love in all of it's many forms.
    The chemistry of wine
  • Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses - courtesy Gérard Bertrand
    Exploring the Grand Terroir of Gérard Bertrand with Tautavel and La Clape
  • Willamette Valley Wine Country panorama
    It's Oregon Wine Month
  • Map Yakima Valley 2019 courtesy of
    Elephant Mountain Vineyard in Yakima Valley's Rattlesnake Hills
  • Yakima Valley with Co Dinn and Kerry Shiels
    Yakima Valley Seminar
  • Panoramic view of countryside and vineyards in Chablis
    Mont de Milieu Premier Cru Chablis from Simonnet-Febvre and Pôchouse #Winophiles
  • Hopsteiner Talk with Nicholi Pitra at Yakima Valley Flavor Camp, a view of Hops on the Vine
    Yakima Valley Hops with Nicholi Pitra
  • Reading Steven Laine's Root Cause by the beach.
    Guilty pleasure - wine reading on the beach - Root Cause
  • Tieton Cider Works, in Yakima Valley Washington
  • Owen Roe's Union Gap Vineyard - A tour with David O'Reilly
  • Whole berries in a fermentation bin at Owen Roe Winery in the Yakima Valley
    Full fermentation bins! A walk inside Owen Roe Winery at Harvest.
  • Illahe Vineyards Cellar Skylight
    Illahe into the Cellar, out to the vineyard and back in time
  • Les Fa'Bulleuses cartoon
    Where are the Women in Champagne? #Winophiles
  • Daniels Artisan Washington Cheese
    Yakima Valley - Wine and beyond with Wine Yakima Valley's Flavor Camp
  • Illahe Vineyard Tasting room
    Illahe Vineyards – Into the Winery
  • Illahe Vineyard Tasting room
    Illahe - flowers, deep roots, happy cows and birds...oh and wine grapes.
  • a map of the wine regions in Provençe
    Curled up with a Bandol and a book - #Winophiles
  • Illahe Panorama
    Crushed Grape Chronicles & a visit to Illahe Vineyards
  • Montinore_Estate_Stephen_Webber
    Barrel Tasting with Rudy Marchesi at Montinore Estate
  • Biodynamic logos on labels
    Fabulous French Biodynamic Wines and some Exquisite Pairings #Winophiles
  • Biodynamics at Montinore Estate
  • The Amazing Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life
    Pairing with Bubbles - Gloria Ferrer and the amazing Sarah Tracey
  • Tablas Creek 2009 Espirit de Beaucastel Panoplie
    The 12th Day arrives...2009 Esprit de Beaucastel Panoplie & Duck
  • Larner Ballard Canyon Syrah
    On the 11th Day - A Ballard Canyon Syrah from Larner & Beef Stew
  • Bonny Doon beach
    On the 10th Doon of Wine...short ribs and Syrah from Bonny Doon
  • Ad Beckham 2016 Amphora Pinot Noir
    Day 9 of the 12 Days of Wine with Beckham Estate AD "Creta" Pinot Noir & bacon wrapped dates
  • Leah Jørgensen Cellars, Blanc de Cabernet Franc,
    On the 8th day…a Cabernet..well a Cabernet Franc…a Blanc de Franc at that.
  • Maloof Wines. Where ya Pj's at
    The 7th day Pizza & wine in your PJ's
  • Joyful Noise 2015 Pinot Noir
    On the 6th day there was Joyful Noise
  • Montinore Estate Muller Thurgan 2014
    Day 5 Müller Thurgau from Montinore Estate and crab and celery root crostini
  • Illahe Vineyard
    Illahe Vineyards - Stepping back to a simpler time
  • Libertine Wines, Alex Neely
    On the 3rd day we pair Riesling with a Tamales!
  • Maryhill Viognier With Thai Food
    On the Second Day a Viognier
  • The wines of Vignobles & Signature for our French Style Season Dinner
    Un repas de Noël pour les fêtes de fin d'année (A Christmas Dinner for the end of the year celebrations)...with wine. #Winophiles
  • Fossil & Fawn 2017 Oregon White Win
    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Gerwürvignintocloniger!
  • Montinore Estate - About the wines
  • Illahe Vineyard in the proposed Mount Pisgah/Polk County AVA
    Soupe aux choux and a Grüner Veltliner from Illahe
  • Willamette Valley Map courtesy of Willamette Valley Wine Association
    Montinore - the deeper history
  • Montinore Vineyards Entrance
    Montinore Estate - a recent history
  • Oregon Wine Country
  • Cranberries Orange Rosemary
    Giving thanks for a quiet kitchen
  • Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rosé.
    A Sparkling Rosé by any other name…just might be a Crémant - #Winophiles
  • Pierre Sparr Crémant d'Alsace
    Crémant d'Alsace perfect for a country picnic (maybe in the living room)
  • A little Sleight of Hand with dinner at Doubleback
  • Stunning views and happy wine writers at Cadaretta's Glasshouse at the Southwind Vineyard
    Dinner with a view - Cadaretta
  • Vista Hills Vineyard and the Uncommon Wine Festival 2018
  • Map of LIrac
    Lirac – Castles, Keeps, Wolves & Divas in the Southern Rhône
  • Equestrian Wine Tours Oregon
    Are you baking blueberry pie? Nope, that's my Malbec.
  • Leah Jørgensen Cellars 2017 Rosé of Cabernet Franc
  • Yakima Valley Cheese Plate
    WBC18 in Walla Walla the Sweeping Overview
  • Leaving Lake Tahoe
    #WBC18 Crushed Grape Chronicles Travel Log Day 2
  • #WBC18 Crushed Grape Chronicles Travel Log(Day 1)
  • Blanc de Cab Franc....What?
  • Southern Oregon Sauvignon Blanc from Leah Jørgensen