Wine Philosophy 101, Wine Tasting Questions?

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Wine Philosophy 101, Wine Tasting Questions?

Musing Questions when tasting wine, go for the metaphorical questions, instead of flavors, scents and literal questions, also link to imagery and social commentary. Somewhat off track but can truly inspire a different way of thinking and associating different idea’s, images, with the wine experience.

What Images, associations, memories does the wine Inspire?

What Music comes to mind? (Jazz, Soul, Rock, Country, Opera, Classical)

If this wine were a painting who would the Artist be?

If thus wine could dance, what would it dance to? ( Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Tango, Ballet)

If this wine was a car what type would it Be? (Mustang, Mercedes, Prius, Edsel, )

If this wine were a movie, who would be its director?

Taken from Michael Gelb’s Book “Wine Drinking for inspired Thinking.”

Thinking outside of the Bottle or Box, provides an alternative way to think and experience the tasting, drinking, and social experience of wine.


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